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Playing this mantra chant everyday will help you manifest and achieve anything that you wish for!

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Through tarot readings, you might uncover patterns in your behavior, relationships, or life experiences. This self-awareness can lead to personal growth and positive changes as you work on addressing any areas of concern.

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Testing your intuition is about striking a balance between quick, intuitive responses and thoughtful, deliberate decision-making. It's a way to ensure that your instincts are serving you well while avoiding potential pitfalls and errors that might arise from relying solely on gut feelings.  Here are some intuition games below.  Also you can visit my TIK TOK for videos like this.

Got It Right?

Intuition is often based on quick, subconscious judgments and past experiences. By testing your intuition, you can verify if your gut feelings and initial impressions are accurate or if they need to be refined based on more substantial evidence.

Are You Tapped In?

Engaging in the process of testing your intuition encourages learning and personal growth. It allows you to recognize areas where you might lack understanding or information, prompting you to seek out knowledge and expand your horizons.

Intuition Check!

Testing your intuition encourages you to articulate your reasoning and thought processes to others. This can enhance communication skills and foster collaborative decision-making.

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